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Education is not just a means to a successful career. It is essential support for an excellent life as well. That is why we at ECGS ensure that our Educational Services & Guidance not only build competitive aspirants but also open up their minds and make them receptive to the basic values of life. Every person has the right to have quality education. It is this belief and need that led us to a learning concept that could be accessible to all learners of all economic and social backgrounds, from providing them with educational services to guiding them to a brilliant future.

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Offering a diverse range of student-led organizations and clubs to foster social engagement, personal development, and community involvement.

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Facilitating opportunities for students to study in foreign countries and engage in cross-cultural experiences to broaden their perspectives.

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Access to state-of-the-art technology labs and innovation spaces for students and researchers to work on cutting-edge projects and experiments.

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Assisting students in identifying career goals, providing career counseling, organizing job fairs, and facilitating internship and job placements.

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Unlock Limitless Potential at ECGS: Where Brilliance Meets Success! With our vibrant campus, visionary mentors, and state-of-the-art resources, we ignite your curiosity, foster innovation, and empower you to excel. Join us on a transformative journey, as we shape a brighter
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Top Indian Diplomats

Alumnus of the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University

Dr.Suhel Ajaz Khan
Dr.Suhel Ajaz Khan
(Ambassador of India, Saudi Arabia)

Enrolled for MA (Politics)

M.Noor Rehman Shaikh
M.Noor Rehman Shaikh
(Ambassador of India, Lebanon)

Enrolled for MBA

Mr.Faiz Ahmad Kidwi
Mr.Faiz Ahmad Kidwi
(Then Consul General of India to Saudi Arabia)

Enrolled for Management Programme

Mr. Madan Kumar Ghildiyal
Mr. Madan Kumar Ghildiyal
(Then Consul Commercial Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

MA in History

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Words of Excellence: ECGS Success Stories

“ I am Farha Masood presently the Vice Principal of IIS Jeddah, I had registered for B.Ed. in the year 2006 December with IGNOU and completed my B.ED degree through IGNOU in the year 2008 The study material given by IGNOU is so student friendly and at the same time comprehensive and very useful for the students of IGNOU. I recommend IGNOU to anyone in all my student who wants to stay back here and pursue though distance mode because its acceptable and recognized globally. ”

Faraha Masood

Vice Principal - International Indian School, Jeddah

“ My name is Nasruddin Hassan Mustapha Salih, and I am a Sudanese National working in the private sector in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have joined IGNOU in 2009 after I graduated with a master's degree in English literature. The time I spent studying under the guidance of ECGS may have been the best two years of my life. ECGS is a great institute that introduced IGNOU to us, and that was the threshold that led me to PHD in English Literature, Alhamdulillah. IGNOU is a great Indian University and the largest Open University in the World ”

Nasruddin Hassan Mustapha

Working in Private Sector (NFIC)

I am Faridul Alam started with BPP in the IGNOU. I joined IsDB as an Stenographer. However after passing my B.COM. with IGNOU, I was promoted as the Assistant Investment Officer at the IsDB. I continue my education with the completing of MBA in Financial Management from IGNOU. Alhamdulilah I was able to impart my acquired knowledge out of the IGNOU MBA which was recognized by IsDB with the promotion as the Investment Officer.

Faridul Alam

Working at Islamic Development Bank, KSA

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